TRCC Groups

This application and the information contained herein is a request for extension of credit for commercial business use only and applicant certifies that the firm he represents is doing business as a corporation, partnership*, or sole proprietorship. The applicant authorizes the above named Creditor to obtain a written or oral credit report from any credit reporting agency. The applicant further authorizes any bank or commercial business with whom the applicant is doing or has done any type of business to give any and all necessary information to the Creditor which will assist Creditor in the investigation. The applicant further authorizes the Creditor to reinvestigate the applicant’s credit status from time to time as the Creditor deems necessary.

Acceptance of this application by the Creditor shall not be construed to require Creditor to sell any products or brands to the applicant or to extend open credit. The Creditor is under no obligation to accept any purchase orders submitted by the buyer and all purchase orders accepted are subject to the General provisions as stated hereto. All terms and conditions contained on the applicants purchase order, other than terms specifying the type(s) of products ordered, the requested shipment date(s) and shipment destination(s) are expressly rejected by the Creditor.

If credit is extended I agree to pay all debts incurred within the terms of sale. However, should the debt become past due I expressly agree (subject to statutory regulations) to pay finance charges on the past due amounts at the rate of up to 1 ½% per month (18% annual rate): provided that no provision of this agreement requires or permits the collection of finance charges in excess of the maximum amount permitted by law. In consideration of the Creditor extending credit hereunder, the individual(s) or entity(s) executing this application on behalf of the Applicant (the “Guarantor”) jointly and severally, personally, irrevocably and unconditionally guarantee and promise to pay Creditor, on demand, any and all indebtedness of the above named applicant to Creditor. This is a continuing guarantee, and the obligations created hereby are unaffected by any change in the terms of the original indebtedness between the Creditor and the Applicant. I further expressly agree to pay reasonable collection costs and/or attorney fees incurred in connection with the collection of this account.


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