Tiarco Completes Transaction to Purchase H.B. Fuller’s Surfactants, Thickeners and Dispersants Business

DALTON, Ga., July 1, 2019 – Tiarco, a specialty chemical manufacturer for latex, grease & lubricant, water treatment, and oil & gas applications, and a subsidiary of  Textile Rubber & Chemical Co., Inc. (TRCC), a global chemical and technology company with manufacturing facilities throughout the world, is pleased to announce that it has completed the purchase of  H.B. Fuller’s (NYSE: FUL) surfactants, thickeners and dispersants business that is based in Dalton, Georgia, for $71 million as of July 1, 2019.

“Textile Rubber & Chemical Co. and the Tiarco team are excited to have H.B. Fuller’s Rheology and Surfactant group join our portfolio of businesses,” said  Kevin Nolan, Vice President and General Manager of Tiarco. “Their products and new chemistries, combined with their outstanding operational and commercial teams, will greatly enhance our company’s ability to serve existing core markets, while introducing us to additional application areas and Toll and Contract opportunities. We look forward to working with H.B. Fuller on a smooth transition and continuing to deliver performance-based solutions to our current and future customers,” he continued. The newly formed group will be known as  Tiarco-RST (Rheology & Surfactant Technologies).

H.B. Fuller’s surfactants, thickeners and dispersants business and its brands are well recognized, and the products include thickeners used in carpet, floor coatings, adhesive and caulk formulations, as well as surfactants used in detergents, wetting agents, and foam boosters in beauty and healthcare products.

Learn more by contacting Shane Day at sday@Tiarco-RST.com.


About Tiarco

A subsidiary of Textile Rubber & Chemical Co., Inc., Tiarco, is a privately owned, specialty chemical manufacturer servicing latex, grease & lubricant, water treatment, and oil & gas applications with chemistries that deliver the highest levels of cost performance. The company is active globally with global sales offices and distribution facilities worldwide to better serve our customers.  Learn more at www.tiarcochem.com.


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