Machinery and Engineering Services

Engineering Design

Perpetual Machine Company designs machinery and processing solutions utilizing years of research and development.  Our professionals provide mechanical, electrical and engineering systems to a wide range of industries. If your company needs to improve efficiency in production and desires the latest technology, we can help.

Fabrication Shop

We custom design systems to meet the unique needs of our customers. By incorporating the most modern compact fabricators, we have continued to provide solid foundations for many industries. In order to better serve our customers we provide custom fabrication for any machine or product.

Custom Machining

Through our computer controlled machine shop, we are able to provide quick affordable machinery work for our clients. We machine parts for all of our Perpetual Machine product line and any customized part you may need.

Spare Parts

With over a quarter of a million dollars of spare parts on hand, we provide our customers with the maximum benefit of availability. Partnered with our machine shop, we are also able to provide spare parts for any problem or machine.

Installation / Training

Not only do we equip our customers with the latest technology, we also train staff on the proper use of the equipment. After we professionally install machinery on site, we provide the total package of product delivery by training on basic machine operations.


Perpetual Machine can help your company improve efficiencies and increase production through the use of automation. Perpetual provides programming solutions for all types of equipment. We can update existing programs as well as modify PLC’s to meet our customers changing needs.

Field Service Support

Time is money! We provide 24-hour on call service support. Accessing mechanical, electrical and engineering knowledge, our technicians are skilled in a wide range of troubleshooting and repair work. Our field support services not only support all of Perpetual Machine products, but also any other equipment as well. When you need a solution fast- call on us!

Oven Analysis

Using the most sophisticated technology available we can evaluate the thermodynamic properties of your own equipment. Our Analysis specialist can offer solutions and suggestions that will increase production and cut costs.


Our mission is to provide innovative solutions, maintain outstanding quality standards and deliver superior service that focuses on our customers’ success.