Color Master Batch Formulations

ACT has the experience and knowledge to help you develop your color systems. We can provide the quality requirements necessary for these critical applications.

  • Single Pigments
  • Custom Colors
  • Additives
  • Compound



Single Pigment Dispersions are widely used to produce custom color masterbatches for fiber applications. These dispersions are the benchmark for quality at ACT.​

  • Inorganic Single Pigment Dispersions – A dispersion that contains only one inorganic pigment. (ex. TiO2 – white pigment – Pigment White 6)
  • Organic Single Pigment Dispersions – This dispersion contains only one organic pigment. (ex. Phtahlo Blue (RS) – Pigment Blue 15:1)
  • Black Single pigment Dispersions – This dispersion contains only one black pigment.(ex. Carbon Black – Pigment Black 7)



Custom Color typically occurs when a color is matched and produced with several single pigments.

At ACT this is a core competency. We specialize in the design, the formulation and the production of these products. We recognize that a custom color formulation must be correct, on time and meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.


Additive masterbatch – This dispersion contains one or more additives and is used to modify the properties of the polymer. At ACT, we work in collaboration with our customers to have a clear definition about the properties we are attempting to modify.

This has helped us become a leader in the industry in products like:

  • Non Halogenated Flame Retardants
  • Anti-Statics
  • UV Stabilizer Systems



Compounds represent an area where complete incorporation of the pigments and/or additives is required. These products are used as stand-alone systems and must meet the highest quality standards for their application.


Our belief and our mission since the beginning has been on Research & Development, maintaining outstanding quality standards and providing superior service to our customers and their markets.