Color Master Batch Formulations

ACT has the experience and knowledge to help you develop your color systems. We can provide the quality requirements necessary for these critical applications.

  • Single Pigments
  • Custom Colors
  • Additives
  • Compound



Single Pigment Dispersions are widely used to produce custom color masterbatches for fiber applications. These dispersions are the benchmark for quality at ACT.​

  • Inorganic Single Pigment Dispersions – A dispersion that contains only one inorganic pigment. (ex. TiO2 – white pigment – Pigment White 6)
  • Organic Single Pigment Dispersions – This dispersion contains only one organic pigment. (ex. Phtahlo Blue (RS) – Pigment Blue 15:1)
  • Black Single pigment Dispersions – This dispersion contains only one black pigment.(ex. Carbon Black – Pigment Black 7)



Custom Color typically occurs when a color is matched and produced with several single pigments.

At ACT this is a core competency. We specialize in the design, the formulation and the production of these products. We recognize that a custom color formulation must be correct, on time and meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.


Additive masterbatch – This dispersion contains one or more additives and is used to modify the properties of the polymer. At ACT, we work in collaboration with our customers to have a clear definition about the properties we are attempting to modify.

This has helped us become a leader in the industry in products like:

  • Non Halogenated Flame Retardants
  • Anti-Statics
  • UV Stabilizer Systems



Compounds represent an area where complete incorporation of the pigments and/or additives is required. These products are used as stand-alone systems and must meet the highest quality standards for their application.


Our mission is to provide innovative solutions, maintain outstanding quality standards and deliver superior service that focuses on our customers’ success.