Asphalt Modifiers

Polymer Modified Asphalt Cement

Today’s increasing loads, greater traffic volume and the need for better, longer-lasting roads demand better service from paving materials. Asphalts modified with Ultrapave SBR Latex Polymers offer the best method of improving binders for highway, street and airport paving and maintenance projects.

Ultrapave SBR Latex Polymers were created specifically for modifying asphalt binders. Ultrapave SBR easily blends with the asphalt to form a homogenous reinforced composite. Ultrapave SBR Polymers provide:

Optimized visco-elastic properties

  • Increased resistance to rutting and shoving
  • Increased resistance to low temperature cracking
  • Increased resistance to load-associated fatigue cracking
  • Reduced temperature susceptibility
  • Reduced reflective cracking

Minimized aging effects

Reduced stripping and raveling


Ultracote Aggregate Treatment

Preventing the stripping of asphalt binder from the surface of aggregates is extremely important in extending pavement life. Many millions of dollars in maintenance work can be saved each year. Existing systems employing lime and liquid asphalt dilutants have been in use for many years.
ULTRAPAVE now introduces an attractive alternative system which has shown excellent preliminary results in both laboratory and field trials. The key benefits to be realized by using the Polymeric System are:

  • Pre-Coating of Aggregate
  • Effective Antistrip Agent
  • Simple Application Method
  • Safe Handling and Disposal
  • No odor problems
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Portable Application system for any size job

ULTRACOTE polymeric aggregate treatment is widely embraced as an important advance in enhancing pavement performance and resisting damage due to the ravages of weather and time.

The particles in ULTRACOTE are extremely small (~0.5 microns). Their molecular structure allows them to cling together, and their diminutive size enables them to fill small cavities and weak spots in the aggregate.

The process is not unlike applying a primer coat before painting an object, such as a house or car. In a similar way, ULTRACOTE improves bonding and protection for the aggregate that makes up a highway. The important characteristics of the polymer are that it is waterproof and has a high affinity for asphalt.

Polymer Modified Asphalt Emulsion

SBR latex polymers are ideally suited for use as polymer modifiers for asphalt emulsion since they are also water based emulsions. These polymer emulsions are available in anionic or cationic compatible forms with variations of each type available for improvements in properties such as elastic recovery, torsional recovery, toughness and tenacity and softness point. The base polymer is also available in various molecular weights for improved asphalt compatibility if needed. The liquid (water based) form of SBR latex polymers permits customizing of the product for specific applications.



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