Tiarco Chemical Europe GmbH

Tiarco Chemical Europe GmbH

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Tiarco Chemical Europe GmbH was started in 1992. We offer many standard chemicals and specialty compounds and provide specially modified or custom formulations.

Our products serve a growing number of end-use applications, including natural and synthetic latex dipped goods, adhesives and coatings, foamed latex products, wastewater treatment, plus the carpet, textile, mining, and paper industries. We also have the unique ability to supply new polyurethane chemistries for the carpet and synthetic turf markets and the required application equipment through our other corporate divisions.

Tiarco sees every customer as a business partner. Tiarco’s R&D, technical service, manufacturing, and sales groups work closely with customers to help them improve existing products and to develop new ones. While offering many standard chemicals and specialty compounds, Tiarco also provides specially modified or custom formulations.

Our continued growth is directly dependent on our customers’ success. To ensure total satisfaction, Tiarco is committed to continuous improvement, unparalleled customer service, and technical support.


Our mission is to provide innovative solutions, maintain outstanding quality standards and deliver superior service that focuses on our customersā€™ success.