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Textile Rubber & Chemical Company

scientist_151131086Headquartered in Dalton, Georgia, U.S.A, Our company began as a supplier of latex to the emerging tufted carpet and rug industry. As we have grown, so has our global reach. We now export to all continents and have established manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world. Since 1951, we have put our chemical and manufacturing expertise to work in an ever-widening range of industries and technologies. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions, maintain outstanding quality standards and deliver superior service that focuses on our customers’ success.

Textile Rubber & Chemical Company (TRCC) is a very strong and highly diversified company with links to many types of industry. What began as a “little latex company” has grown to be an international player in innovative products and technologies delivered around the world. 084Being a privately held company gives us the ability to move and adjust quickly to changing market conditions. This enables us to innovate and continually bring new products to the market for our customers. For the industries we serve, TRCC spends a higher percentage of income dollars on research and development when compared with much larger private and public companies. By staying on the cutting edge of technology, TRCC offers its customers not just products, but fresh ideas, innovative solutions and outstanding technical service for improved processes and product performance. We believe in our business, we believe in our employees and we believe in our customers.


The key and foundation to a good and successful business is its employees and its commitment to the local community. We believe in both.

The 1st Key: Our employees and their well-being are a top priority at TRCC. Our commitment results in an average employment tenure of 12+ years for over five hundred salaried and hourly employees. In today’s business world this is an impressive statistic. Along with excellent health and insurance benefits, we have in-house scholarship programs for our employee’s children so they can attend the college of their choice and achieve the goal of higher education.
The 2nd Key: The commitment to the local community is also a priority. We support our communities through involvement in various civic programs through monetary donations to more than fifty state and local charities. It also shows in our environmental leadership, which includes waste reduction programs and green energy usage.

Through our charitable support plus our employee’s volunteer hours to national, state and local charities, we are dedicated to making a difference. Indeed, we take our responsibilities as a corporate citizen seriously.

Joseph E. Willard Memorial Scholarship

The Joseph E. Willard Memorial Scholarship program was established in 1984 in memory of Joe Willard, Chairman Harvey Howalt’s longtime assistant who supported education within the company and the community. Harvey has continued to support this tradition through the scholarship program and other educational programs within the company. For over three decades, we have had the privilege to award this four-year college scholarship to a deserving child of one of our employees.

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  • 1951
    Founding of TRCC Latex Division
  • 1956
    Incorporation of TRCC
  • 1965
    TRCC Canada Division
  • 1968
    Perpetual Machine Company
  • 1973
    Tiarco Chemical Division
  • 1975
    Polyurethane Division
  • 1978
    Latin America Division, Guatemala
  • 1980
    Yamasan Company Partnership
  • 1981
    ULTRAPAVE Division
  • 1983
    Latin America Division, USA
  • 1992
    Tiarco Europe
  • 1996
    Tiarco Malaysia
  • 1997
    Manufactures de Latex/Tilly
  • 2001
    Charlotte Division
  • 2001
    Coatings and Adhesives Division
  • 2001
    TRCC India
  • 2002
    XL Brands
  • 2005
    ThermoTex Division
  • 2006
    TRCC China
  • 2006
    Lessco acquired - merged with Perpetual Machine Company
  • 2009
    ACT Latex Technologies
  • 2009
    Heveatex Corporation acquired
  • 2010
    TRCC Transport
  • 2011
    Tiarco Malaysia Excelkos
  • 2011
    Vital Solutions, LLC
  • 2012
    TRCC Europe
  • 2013
    Advanced Color Technologies
  • 2017
    XL Brands sold
  • 2018
    DVM Curatives Ltd and DVM Pigments & Additives Ltd acquired
  • 2018
    TR Composites
  • 2019
    Tiarco, LLC purchases H.B. Fuller's surfactants, thickeners and dispersants business


Our mission is to provide innovative solutions, maintain outstanding quality standards and deliver superior service that focuses on our customers’ success.